A Different Kind of Suite

A different Kind of Suite is Williukea's Suite Pretty Cure retelling. It includes extra Cures and some Major and Minor changes. This will be updated when episodes come out.


A Different Kind of Suite tells the story of Hibiki and Kanade, girls who got scouted to be legendary soldiers Pretty Cure by Hummy and Siren and are trying to get their friendship back. Hummy and Siren are 2 kitty friends sent by Major Land's queen Aphrodite to find the Pretty Cure. Siren is actually working for Mephisto and is pretending to be Hummy's friend. The 8 Fairy Tones are all together from the beginning. 



Hojo Hibiki/Cure MelodyEdit

Hibiki is sporty pink Cure who loves soccer. She used to be best friends with Kanade until they fell apart because of misunderstanding. She loves eating Kanade's cakes.

Minamino Kanade/Cure RhythmEdit

Kanade is white Cure who loves cooking. Young Kanade was really shy and was bullied until Hibiki came to save her. She has a bond with Siren and was really shocked when Siren betrayed them.


Hummy is the Fairy of Songs. She is an airheaded kitty. She believed in her best friend Siren, but was really sad when Siren betrayed them.


Siren is Hummy's best friend and previous Fairy of Songs. She can brainwash people for a short time. In ep. 2 it is revealed she is actually evil and just pretending to be good. In ep. 5 she betrayed the Cures and went to Major Land.


Aphrodite is the Queen of Major Land and she is the one who sent Hummy and Siren to Kanon town to find Pretty Cures.


Mephisto is the Boss. He is the king of Minor Land and main boss of series. He ordered Trio the Minor to find Pretty Cure.

Fairy TonesEdit

The 8 Fairy tones from Dory to Dorory are one of the series' mascots and represent the 8 Octave notes. Dory is Melody's partner and Rery is Rhythm's partner. In episode 5 Siren stole 4 of the Fairy Tones from Sory to Dodory.



SPC trailer

SPC trailer

A Different Kind of Suite OP 1

A Different Kind of Suite OP 1