This is a list of episodes in A Different Kind of Suite.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Nyapu Nyapu~! Suīto Purikyua Tanjou Nya♪
ニャプニャプ~! スイートプリキュア誕生ニャ♪
"Nyapu Nyapu~! The Birth of Suite Pretty Cure-nya♪"
Trio the Minor 2011-02-06

In the musical Major Land, a fairy named Hummy is due to sing the Melody of Happiness, which is to spread cheer throughout the land. However, the land is attacked by the evil Mephisto and his minions, Trio the Minor, who plan to turn it into a Melody of Sorrow. The goddess of Major Land, Aphrodite, scatters the Notes that make up the melodies throughout the land to keep them safe, and sends Hummy and her friend Siren together with 8 Fairy Tones to Kanon Town to seek out two best friends to become Pretty Cure. Meanwhile, Hojo Hibiki and Minamino Kanade, two girls who used to be best friends, have not gotten along with each other for a while. Trio the Minor attempt to steal the Golden G-Clefs within their hearts, the power within them prevents it, but they instead discover a Note inside their favorite record and transforms it into a monster known as a Negatone. Noticing their hearts sync up perfectly, Hummy and Siren give Hibiki and Kanade the ability to transform into the Suite Pretty Cures, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm.

02 Gaga~n! Hayakumo purikyua kaisan no kiki nya!
ガガ~ン! 早くもプリキュア解散の危機ニャ!
"Gaga~n! Pretty Cure is in danger of breaking up already-nya!"
Trio the Minor 2011-02-13

Hibiki and Kanade can not get their hearts in sync and soon drop out of their transformation, letting the Negatone run rampage. As Hummy and Siren inquires over why the two don't get along, Hibiki reveals that she was waiting for Kanade by a cherry blossom tree on the opening ceremony of school, but she never came. Kanade has a similar story, and when the two come across a child in the same situation, they realise the reason they didn't see each other was because they went to opposite sides of the school. With their confusion cleared up, the two manage to face off against the Negatone and defeat it, allowing Hummy to purify it back into a Note and keep it safe. In the end Siren reveals to actually be working for Mephisto and just infiltrated the Cures.

03 Gaga~n! Hayakumo purikyua kaisan no kiki nya!
ガガ~ン! 早くもプリキュア解散の危機ニャ!
"Gaga~n! Pretty Cure is in danger of breaking up already-nya!"
Trio the Minor

As Hibiki is questioned about why she's the only one in town who hates music, she reveals about her childhood. When Hibiki nervously entered a piano contest in the hopes of being treated to a trip to an amusement park, her father, Dan, told her that her music wasn't 'true music', which left her saddened with a bitterness for music. One of their classmates, Masamune Ouji, is also having trouble learning from Dan about playing true music. During a piano tournament, a Negatone attacks and Hibiki and Kanade struggle against it. During the battle, Dan plays music to distract the Negatone so the Pretty Cure can defeat it, eventually revealing that 'true music' can only be played if you enjoy playing it. Afterwards, Hibiki comes to understand her father's words and starts practicing on the piano with Kanade.

04 Mogumogu! Kanade ga miseru kiai no reshipi nya♪
モグモグ! 奏が見せる気合いのレシピニャ♪
"Mogumogu! Kanade shows her spirited recipe-nya♪"
Siren 2011-02-27
Kanade wants to enter a cake contest to impress her baking idol, Yamaguchi Youko, but is having trouble coming up with ideas that would impress. Siren brainwashes Youko and gives Kanade private lessons to make some controversial cake designs that focus on presentation as opposed to taste. This causes her to come into conflict with Hibiki, who doesn't think much of these new cakes compared to the kinds Kanade usually makes. However, she soon realises the meaning behind Hibiki's words and makes an old fashioned strawberry cake, which Siren and Youko transform into a Negatone, which the Pretty Cure then defeat. Later, after Youko is back to normal, Kanade participates in the cake contest, but doesn't win.
05 Dotabata! Terebi repootaa nazo no purikyua to isshou ni♪
ドタバタ! テレビレポーター謎のプリキュアと一緒に
"Dotabata! The TV Reporting with a mysterious Pretty Cure♪"
Trio the Minor 2011-03-06
Hibiki's mother, Maria, calls and says that she's volunteered Kanade and Hibiki to do a TV report on the town. Kanade and Hibiki don't really want to do it but get sucked in by the perks and go ahead anyway. Whilst they initially clash with each others style of reporting, they both end up having fun. Trio the Minor decide to play the Melody of Sorrow on the camera, but then create Negatone from the camera. While the Cures have trouble fighting Negatone, a mysterious Pretty Cure named Cure Muse appears and blows away Siren's cover. She, with Trio the Minor, steal 4 Fairy Tones from Sory to Dodory.
06 Gamigami! Osekkyou ga unda Mirakuru Berutie nya ♪
"Gamigami! Miracle Belltier born out of Sermon-nya ♪"
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