Aikō Momoko
愛甲 ももこ Aikō Momoko
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Fruity Panic!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorPink
Home PlaceHirata Town
First AppearanceFwPCFP01
Alter EgoCure Peachy
Theme ColorPeachy-pink
Aikō Momoko (愛甲 ももこ Aikō Momoko) is one of the two main Cure from Futari wa Pretty Cure Fruity Panic!. Momoko is shy, intelligent and sporty girl who loves all types of fruits. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Peachy (キュア ピーチ Kyua Pīchi). Her basic theme colour is peachy-pink.

Her catchphrase is It's a fruity wonderland!" (それはフルーツのような不思議の国! Sore wa furūtsu no yōna fushiginokuni!).


Momoko has pink hair and red eyes. She has her tied into two pigtails which are held by red ribbons.


Momoko is a shy, sporty and intelligent fourteen year old girl who has a huge loves her fruits, but can't stand the taste or the appearance of sweets. She is usually seen helping her parents in their fruit shop and doesn't really mind since she loves being surrounded by fruits. She mostly hangs out with her best friend Seira but after meeting Aone Anzu, she is usually seen with her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't do stuff with Seira as well! She gets nervous and embarrassed really easily like when she has to talk in front of people for a speech or when she makes a mistake and people laugh at her kindly.


Nanami Seira - Momoko's best friend.

Aone Anzu - Momoko's new friend and Pretty Cure partner.

Lemon - Momoko's mascot partner, who is also Anzu's mascot partner as well.

Cure PeachyEdit






  • Aikō Momoko and Momozono Love both have "Momo" and "Peach" in their names and Cure names.
    • They are both the leader of their teams and have the theme colour of a sort of pink.