Aizawa Rei
愛澤麗 Aizawa Rei
SeasonForever Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorHot Pink (Rei)

Pink (Cure Love)

Hair ColorDark Pink (Rei)

Hot Pink (Cure Love)

Home PlaceShiawasena
RelativesAizawa Megumi (Mother)
First AppearanceFoPC01
Alter EgoCure Love
Theme ColorPink
English Voice ActorN/A

Aizawa Rei (愛澤麗 Aizawa Rei?) is the lead Cure in Forever Pretty Cure!. She is a bright, cheerful girl who would do anything for others. Her Cure ego is Cure Love (キュアラブ Kyua Rabu?) and here theme color is pink.


Rei is a cheerful girl who likes to help others. She can actually almost always succeed in helping anyone, though sometimes people reject her help.



Meeting Yukiko and Becoming Cure LoveEdit


Cure LoveEdit

"The love of the world that bonds people together, Cure Love!"
Hito to hito to kizuna sekai no ai, Kyua Rabu!

Cure Love (キュアラブ Kyua Rabu?) is Rei's alter ego. Her powers are related to love and hearts.


Pink Love Shock (ピンクラブショック Pinku Rabu Shokku?) - Cure Love points her Heart Tact at the enemy. Then, she draws a heart and sends it toward the enemy. Like the name says, it will shock them.

Sweet Kiss (スイートキス Suīto Kisu?) - Cure Love transforms her baton into the Lovely Lipstick. She touches her lips and creates little hearts. She sends them forth. As they approach the enemy, the form a huge heart. Is encloses the enemy and allows a finishing attack to be performed.

Heart Burst (ハートバースト Hāto Bāsuto?) - Cure Love puts her hands into a heart and releases a shower of pink lights, heading toward the enemy.

Beautiful Love Shower (ビューティフルラブシャワー Byūtifuru Rabu Shawā?) - Cure Love's first finisher, debuting in episode 2. She takes her Cure Baton and transforms it into the Lovely Rod. She points it at the enemy, and creates a heart. As she yells the attack name, the heart gets bigger. Finally, she launches it. She last points her rod to the sky and then back down to power the attack. The Yuutsu is purified.


Aizawa (愛澤?) :  Ai (愛) means "love", referring to her Cure ego and her personality. Zawa (澤) doesn't have an official meaning.

Rei (?) : Rei has a few meanings, but hers (麗) means "Lovely".