"Welcome happy child!"— Ashihako Neko
Ashihako Neko
足運ねこ Ashihako Neko
SeasonManeki-neko! Pretty Cure!
Eye Colordark green (Neko)

green (Cure Welcome)

Hair Colorscarlet (Neko)

pink (Cure Welcome)

Home PlaceYosei Town
RelativesAshihako Usagi (mother)
First AppearanceMnPC01
Alter EgoCure Welcome
Theme Colorpink

Ashihako Neko (足運ねこ Ashihako Neko) is one of the main Cures from Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!. Neko is a witty, dynamic but manipulative young girl. Her family originally comes from a weaker place of their town. But before Neko was born, her parents moved to a stronger place. Neko sometimes visits her family in the weaker region. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Welcome (キュアウエルカム Kyua Uerukamu). Her basic color is pink.

Her catchphrase is "Welcome happy child!" (幸せな子供を歓迎します!Shiawasena kodomo o kangei shimasu!).


Neko is a witty, dynamic but manipulative young girl. She likes to make jokes about other but never want them actually to hurt. Sometimes, she also makes jokes about herself. Neko likes to make people smile.


Ashihako Usagi - Neko's mother.


Cure WelcomeEdit

Learning history of the welcoming cat! Cure Welcome!
Kangei neko no rekishi o manabu! Kyua Uerukamu!

Cure Welcome (キュアウエルカム Kyua Uerukamu) is Neko's Pretty Cure alter ego. Her basic color is pink. Her powers are related to helpfulness. Cure Welcome's name comes from welcoming cat, one english word for the Maneki-neko. Cure Welcome is very helpful and always tries to help everyone. As Cure Welcome, Neko becomes more serious and becomes stronger. She still likes to make jokes. Alone, Cure Welcome can perform the attack Hello Paw.
Together with Cure Luck, Cure Money, Cure Chance and Cure Future, they can use to attack Happy Lucky Go!.


Hello Paw -


"Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing!" - Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing! is the official transformation pharse used by Ashihako Neko to transform into Cure Welcome in Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!.


Ashihako (足運) - Ashi (足) means paw, a reference to the season's theme; cats. Hako (運) means luck, also a reference to the seasons theme.

Neko (ねこ) - Neko means cat. This fits the season's theme; cats.

Her name means "The cat's lucky paw" or "Lucky cat paw".

Cure Welcome comes from welcoming cat, one english word for the Maneki-neko.



  • Neko is the first lead Cure to have green eyes and pink hair.