Cure Night
キュアナイト Kyua Naito
SeasonForever Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorPurple (Cure Night)
Hair ColorBlue Violet (Cure Night)
Home PlaceEarth
First AppearanceFoPC01
Alter EgoCure Night
Theme ColorDark Purple
Japanese Voice ActorHorikawa Chika
English Voice ActorN/A
Cure Night (キュアナイト Kyua Naito?) is one of the main Cures in Forever Pretty Cure!. She seems to be quiet, but very powerful. She is determined to stop the Yami Kingdom from doing more bad things. Her civilian name is currently unknown.


Cure Night is quiet, but determined. She never lets her guard down and has incredible fighting skills. She gets upset at Cure Smile when she fails, but doesn't show much anger. She is very calm about it and just tells her to work harder, unless it is a big fight. She works alone and says she doesn't want to join yet. She lived in Cure Kingdom until the Yami Kingdom attacked. She helped fight the monsters for a while, then went down to Earth to help Cure Smile and the new Cure team.



Helping Cure SmileEdit

In Cure Kingdom, Cure Smile was fighting while other Cures evacuated to Earth to stop the enemy when they attack. She was doing well, but then was sent into an illusion and couldn't see the monsters. They trapped her and were about to kill her, when Cure Night arrived. She broke the illusion and quickly defeated the monsters. She tells Cure Smile that she did fine, but she needed to work harder for next time. Cure Smile thanks Cure Night, and Cure Night departs.


Cure NightEdit

"The shining light that brings trust, Cure Night!"
Shinrai o Motarashi Kagayaku Hikari, Kyua Naito!

Cure Night (キュアナイト Kyua Naito?) is the Cure ego. Her powers are related to the night.


Crescent Shoot (クレセントシュート Kuresento Shūto?) - Cure Night points her Moon Tact at the enemy. Then, like Cure Moonlight, she tosses it into the air and distracts the monster. She then weakens it, and catches her tact. Then she sends a big crescent moon at the enemy, which can knock them back..

Shooting Star Orbit (シューティングスターオービット Shūtingu Sutā Ōbitto?) is Cure Night's first finisher, debuting in the first episode. She takes her Cure Baton and transforms it into the Shining Spear. She points it at the sky, and yells the attack name. She keeps it up as stars surround the enemy, then attack it. An enormous star comes toward the enemy, and is is trapped. Cure Night then purifies it.



  • Cure Night has many similarities to Cure Moonlight:
    • Both have powers related to the moon
    • Both were Cures before the season started
    • Both are incredibly powerful and intelligent
    • Both have a purple theme color