Pretty Cure (プリキュア Purikyua) is the common term to describe normal girls who transform into girls with magical powers. The term was first used as the main title for the first canon season, but also is included every season after. Each season has different themes.

In each season, there are legendary warriors who will stop darkness and aid the world when needed. Small mascot creatures from alternate worlds in need are often given the task of searching out chosen girls to become Pretty Cure. Although the original concept of Pretty Cure was of two girls who could not transform or use any attacks without being together, this concept has revised, though Daisy's fan series include both concepts.

Team Up! Pretty CureEdit

Team Up! Pretty Cure (チームアップ!プリキュア Chīmu Appu! Purikyua) is the first season of DaisyandMangaForever's Pretty Cure fanseries. It holds the original idea of the first three canon Pretty Cure seasons.

The main characters of this series are:

Dōryoku Hana (動力花 Dōryoku Hana) / Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu)
Hana is the "leader" of the duo. She's a sporty tomboy who's favorite sport is soccer. She is usually very social. Hana has a love for flowers, but rarely shows it because she secretly is afraid to say so. Compared to most lead cures, she gets decent grades, and usually isn't yelled at, surprisingly. Her alter ego is Cure Rose (キュアローズ Kyua Rōzu) and she holds the power of fire and lightning.

Utsukushī Ōjo (美しい王女 Utsukushī Ōjo) / Cure Lily (キュア リリー Kyua Rirī)
Ōjo is a kind girl who likes to make clothes. She isn't as social as Hana, but is a Straight A student. Many people like her. She often expresses her love for flowers in her outfits, as well as accessories. Ōjo also likes reading. Her alter ego is Cure Lily (キュア リリー Kyua Rirī) and she holds the power of ice and wind.

Transformation SpeechEdit

Hana and Ōjo:プリキュア、フローラルパワー!
Cure Rose:情熱の炎のような精神、キュアローズ!
Cure Lily: Both:ふたりは自然の保護者、プリキュア!
Hana and Ōjo:Purikyua, furōrarupawā!
Cure Rose:Jōnetsu no honō no yōna seishin, Kyuarōzu!
Cure Lily:
Both:Futari wa shizen no hogo-sha, purikyua!