Forever Pretty Cure!
(Fōebā Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 2, 2014 - ongoing
PredecessorDoki Doki Pretty Cure!
SuccessorTeam Up! Pretty Cure
Opening SongSubete Isshoni! Forever Pretty Cure!
Ending SongMina no Ai

Forever Pretty Cure! (フォーエバープリキュア! Fōebā Purikyua!?)is the 11th installment in the Pretty Cure franchise. It first aired February 2, 2014, replacing Doki Doki! Pretty Cure in its initial timeslot. This season celebrates the 10th anniversary of Pretty Cure, as it has been airing for 10 years since the beginning of the series. The season's themes are happiness, friendship, love, and a few others from previous seasons.


On October 13, 2014, the season was revealed by Toei with merchandise and a video that was published on YouTube on October 20. The season was also in anime newspapers. Shibata Hiroaki confirmed Doki Doki! Pretty Cure would run for 49 episodes. As the series came closer, more was revealed. On December 17, the two main Cure's names were revealed in merchandise as Cure Love and Cure Smile. On January 3, the voice actresses for Cure Love and Cure Smile were revealed. A preview of episode 1 was shown after the final episode of Doki Doki!.


Pretty Cure from across the world have teamed up to destroy the biggest surge of evil yet! Cure Smile is one of the Cures, but she doesn't have her team! She has to go find them, somewhere!

Aizawa Rei is a happy, loving girl. When she meets a girl named Tachibana Yukiko (Cure Smile), her life suddenly changes as she gets to team up with her and become Cure Love! Together, they are Forever Pretty Cure! But, there's still another to find... And will Cure Night join their team?


Forever Pretty CureEdit

Aizawa Rei (愛澤麗 Aizawa Rei?)
Rei is a cheerful, caring girl who loves helping others. Though people don't like it at first, she is able to help almost anyone, even in the toughest times. She is very mature, though, and still pays attention to her school work. She likes fashion, and often makes clothes for people who need some. She wants to make the entire world happy someday. Her Cure ego is Cure Love (キュアラブ Kyua Rabu?) and her standard color is pink.

Tachibana Yukiko (橘幸子 Tachibana Yukiko?)
Yukiko is an energetic, determined girl who is eager to help. Like Rei, she wants to make everyone. She could do anything for anyone. She runs an advice column in the newspaper, focusing on problems and how to advert them. Yukiko is less mature than Rei, but can be mature when she wants to. She also likes fashion and singing. Her Cure ego is Cure Smile (キュアスマイル Kyua Sumairu?) and her standard color is yellow.


Heart (ハート Hāto?)
Rei's Pretty Cure partner. She is very talkative and is glad Rei is a good Cure so far. Heart works hard to help the Cures, and gives information that is useful. Her human has not been shown yet.

Happy (ハッピー Happī?)
Yukiko's Pretty Cure partner. A little stubborn, she is often demanding but very intelligent. She does her best with Heart to help the Cures. Her human form is Yukimura Joy (幸村ジョイ Yukimura Joi?).

Pretty Cure AlliesEdit

Cure Night (キュアナイト Kyua Naito?)
A mysterious cure who helps Yukiko and Rei. She appears to be cold and quiet, and works on her own. She is determined to stop the new evil that is appearing. She doesn't talk much, and is focused on bringing down the Yami Kingdom. Her standard color is purple.

Yami LandEdit

Kowawaru (恐悪 Kowawaru?), also known as the Woman of Destruction (破壊の女性 Hakai no Josei?)
The main villain. She hates love and happiness and wants to bring it to an end. She always wants her way and forces her servants to do what she says. She plans well and knows the right paths to lead to her wish. She also has planned for the warriors known as Pretty Cure...

Nikushimi (憎しみ Nikushimi?)
Kowawaru's assistant. She only listens to her and helps her by giving information and instructions to the Dark Duo. Nikushimi is kind and loving to Kowawaru, but doesn't care about the Duo. She scolds them when they come back, defeated.

Dark Duo (ダークデュオ Dāku De~yuo?)
The duo who works for Kowawaru. They usually argue and are yelled at by Nikushimi. They try hard to defeat the cures. Both have little intelligence compared to Kowawaru. The two members are:

  • Keisotsu (軽率 Keisotsu?) - A careless boy who doesn't pay much attention to anyone else but himself and Kowawaru. He seems to do less work and fails more than his counterpart.
  • Jibunkatte (自分勝手 Jibunkatte?) - A self-centered girl who acts bratty. She looks up to Kowawaru and despises Pretty Cure, except for their outfits. She seems to do more work and fails less than her counterpart.

Yuutsu (憂鬱 Yūutsu?) - The monsters of the season. They want everything to fall into despair. It also has the task of defeating Pretty Cure.

Supporting CharactersEdit

Aizawa Megumi (藍澤恵み Aizawa Megumi?)
Aizawa Rei's mother.

Yoshida Makoto (吉田誠 Yoshida Makoto?)
Rei's best friend since kindergarten. She's very kind and knows a lot about Rei.


Pretty Compact (プリティコンパクト Puriti Konpakuto?)
The Cures' transformation item. They transform with Pretty Cure, Lovely Miracle Change!.

Cure Baton (キュアバトン Kyua Baton?)
The Cures' main attack item. It has different form changes to it.

  • Cure Love's baton only revealed one change, the Lovely Rod (ラブリーロッド Raburī Roddo?).
  • Cure Smile's baton has also shown only one, the Happy Sword (ハッピーソード Happī Sōdo?).


Please refer to Forever Pretty Cure! Merchandise


  • This is the first season to have any knowledge of other Cures from around the world.
  • This is the first season to have the Cures' main attack item have form changes.
  • This season has similarities to HeartCatch Pretty Cure!:
    • They both have purple, pink, and yellow cures
    • Both have Cures that already have Cure powers
  • This is the second season to have a female villain.
  • This is the third/fourth season where the mascots can become humans.


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