Utsukushī Ōjo
美しい王女 Utsukushī Ōjo
SeasonTeam Up! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark Purple (Ōjo)

Lilac (Cure Lily)

Hair ColorLilac (Ōjo)

Dark Purple (Cure Lily)

Home PlaceHana Town
First AppearanceTUPC01
Alter EgoCure Lily

Blooming Cure Lily (Supreme)

Eternal Cure Lily

Theme ColorPurple and Lilac
Japanese Voice ActorShizuka Furuya
English Voice ActorKaren Strassman
Hanami Ōjo (花美王女 Hanami Ōjo, or Alaine Carwen in the English dub) is one of the main characters in Team Up! Pretty Cure. She is a 14-year-old girl who likes fashion. Ōjo is very intelligent, and helps Hana with her studies. She is very kind, and hardly ever is mean. Ōjo eventually runs her own fashion line, supported by her parents. Her alter ego is Cure Lily (キュア リリー Kyua Rirī) and she holds the power of cold weather.


Cure LilyEdit

Blooming Cure LilyEdit

Miracle Cure LilyEdit

Princess YuriEdit

In episode 28 of the second season, the team discovers she is the reincarnation of Princess Yuri (百合姫 Yuri Hime). She was the princess of the Saku Kingdom, and loved everyone. Her favorite flower was the one she was named after of. She had many in her castle. Princess Yuri died before the story began, but did know the Cures. She decided to be reborn as the human form of Cure Lily.


As Ōjo, she has long purple hair, often in a ponytail. She also has purple eyes. Ōjo does not always wear the traditional uniform, as she likes to create uniforms for her. Her most common one is a purple idol-like uniform.



Hanami (美しい) - "Hana" translates to Flower, while "Mi" means Beautiful.

Ōjo (王女) - Ōjo translates as "Princess". This referrs to her past life, where she was a princess. She also is called Princess by other people.



  • She is the first cure to be reborn as a human who is expected to become a cure.
  • The lily is a symbol of beauty, innocence, and purity. Ōjo is very much like the lily. It is also her Cure name.
  • She is the fourth cure to be a princess, after Shirabe Ako, Madoka Aguri (who is technically a princess since she is the personification of Princess Marie Ange's light), and Shirayuki Hime.
    • Both Ōjo and Hime's first name means "Princess"
  • People call her "Princess" with the word "Hime" (姫), not "Ōjo" (王女).
  • She is similar to Yukishiro Honoka:
    • Both are the "secondary" cures of the duo
    • They both are very smart
    • They both appear in two seasons
    • They both are called royalty. Honoka is called the "Queen of Knowledge", and Ōjo is called "Princess".
  • Ōjo is also similar to Mishou Mai:
    • Like Honoka, they are "secondary" cures of their duo.
    • They are both usually calm
    • They like to draw
    • They both are intelligent
    • Both of ther last names have the word "mi" (beautiful) in it
  • Ōjo's favorite outfit of hers is the "Elegant Lily", which was made to reflect her.