Kietsumyomi Miyuki
喜悦妙味みゆき Kietsumyōmi Miyuki
SeasonManeki-neko! Pretty Cure!
Eye Colorred
Hair Colorlight blue (Miyuki)

blue (Cure Chance)

Home PlaceYosei Town
First AppearanceMnPC01
Alter EgoCure Chance
Theme Colorblue

Kietsumyomi Miyuki is one of the main Cures form Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!. Miyuki is a passionate, reliable and observant girl who is always happy. She is Sakura's best friend. Sakura always calls her Suki instead of Miyuki. Miyuki has a little sister. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Chance (キュアチャンス Kyua Chansu). Her basic color is blue.

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Following the happy cat to find true happiness! Cure Chance!
Hontō no shiawase o mitsukeru tame ni shiawasena neko o,-ji! Kyua Chansu!

Cure Chance (キュアチャンス Kyua Chansu) is Miyuki's Pretty Cure alter ego. Her basic color is blue. Her powers are related to happiness. Cure Chance's name comes from happy cat, one english word for the Maneki-neko. Cure Chance can use the attack Happy Charge.
Together with Cure Luck, Cure Welcome, Cure Money and Cure Future, they can use to attack Happy Lucky Go!.


Happy Charge -

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"Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing!" - Lucky Kitty! Pretty Cure Super Crossing! is the official transformation pharse used by Kietsumyomi Miyuki to transform into Cure Chance in Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!.

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