"The lost pieces of the beckoning cat! Welcoming, luck, money, happiness and fortune! Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!"— Maneki-neko! Pretty Cures
Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure!
(Manekineko! Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
PredecessorHappinessCharge Pretty Cure!
SuccessorFutari wa Pretty Cure! Similing Sunshine Melody♪
Opening SongNya! Nya! Lucky! Go! Pretty Cure
Ending SongGood Luck!

Lucky Kitty

Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure! (招き猫!プリキュア!Manekineko! Purikyua!) is FairySina's first Pretty Cure season on this wiki. It replaces HappinessCharge Pretty Cure in 2015. This seasons main theme is based on Cats and Luck.


Maneki-neko! Pretty Cure! Episodes



Ashihako Neko (足運ねこ Ashihako Neko) / Cure Welcome (キュアウエルカム Kyua Uerukamu)
Neko is a witty, dynamic but manipulative young girl. Her family originally comes from a weaker place of their town. But before Neko was born, her parents moved to a stronger place. Neko sometimes visits her family in the weaker region. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Welcome (キュアウエルカム Kyua Uerukamu). Her basic color is pink.

Yoshikane Kichi (吉鐘きち Yoshikane Kichi) / Cure Luck (キュアラック Kyua Rakku)
Kichi is a young, confident, patient and responsible girl. Her parents own a restaurant called Lucky Cat. She is really good at cooking and likes to share her cooked things with her best friends. Kichi has three younger sisters and one older brother. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Luck (キュアラック Kyua Rakku). Her basic color is green.

Kokaneko Sakura (硬貨猫さくら Kōkaneko Sakura) / Cure Money (キュアモニー Kyua Monī)
Sakura is a stubborn young girl and Miyuki's best friend. She appears to be a unemotional, superficial rich girl, just because her family has much money. But she is actually a very emotional and helpful girl who is easily to hurt. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Money (キュアモニー Kyua Monī). Her basic color is yellow.

Kietsumyomi Miyuki (喜悦妙味みゆき Kietsumyōmi Miyuki) / Cure Chance (キュアチャンス Kyua Chansu)
Miyuki is a passionate, reliable and observant girl who is always happy. She is Sakura's best friend. Sakura always calls her Suki instead of Miyuki. Miyuki has a little sister. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Chance (キュアチャンス Kyua Chansu). Her basic color is blue.

Kounsaki Mirai (幸運先未来 Kōunsaki Mirai) / Cure Future (キュアフューチャー Kyua Fu~yūchā)
Mirai is one of Neko's friends. She has a ambitious and loyal personality. She protects her friends if they need and even if they don't want it. Due to this, Mirai is sometimes very cold towards other people. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Future (キュアフューチャー Kyua Fu~yūchā). Her basic color is purple.


Kitty (キティ Kiti)
Kitty is the main mascot of this season. She gives Pretty Cure the power of luck. Her sentences are always endet with "~Myū".


Melo (メロ Mero)
Melo is the first who was sent to defeat the power of luck and fight against Pretty Cure.

Inflex (インフレックス Infurekkusu)
Inflex was sent to help Melp defeating the power of luck and the force of Pretty Cure.

Suspicious (サスピシャス Sasupishasu)
Suspicious was the last one, who was sent to defeat the power of luck.

Nega (ネガ Nega)
Nega is the main villain of this season. She wants to destroy the power of luck, because she never had luck by herself.

Negaimo (ネガイモー Negaimō)
The Mosters of this season.


Ashihako Usagi (足運うさぎ Ashihako Usagi)
Neko's mother.


  • Yosei Town (妖精タウン) - The girls hometown.
  • Yosei Mountain (妖精マウンテン) - A location near Yosei Town.
  • Sukoshi Fuku Middle School (少し福中学校) - The school that the Cures attend.
  • Super Lucky Kingdom (スーパーラッキー王国) - Kitty's homeworld.