Kanari Futatabi Purikyua! Rōzu to Rirī Tanjō!
Team Up! Pretty Cure episode 1
"Pretty Cure Again! Rose and Lily are Born!"
Air date March 1, 2015
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Directed by DaisyandMangaForever
Written by DaisyandMangaForever
Kanari Futatabi Purikyua! Rōzu to Rirī Tanjō! (かなり再びプリキュア!ローズとリリー誕生!"Pretty Cure Again! Rose and Lily are Born!") "The Return of Pretty Cure" in the English Dub, is the first episode of Team Up! Pretty Cure. It introduces the season's two cures, their mascots, and the main and first villains. In this episode, Dōryoku Haru  and Hanami Ōjo become Pretty Cure.


Similar to Futari wa Pretty Cure's first episode, the episode opens with Haru's team playing soccer, and Haru scoring a goal. Meanwhile, Ōjo is with her fashion club, presenting her new dress she made. Then, Ōjo leaves the room to go to the school's garden. Haru also heads off that direction, both not knowing each other is going. At the garden, they both see each other, and gasps, thinking nobody would be here.

After the opening, Ōjo asks Haru if she's the "Sports Champion", and Haru asks Ōjo if she's the "Fashion Princess". Both apologize, and introduces themselves. Ōjo says she never thought Haru would be interested in flowers so much. *Haru points out her name, and the two giggle. Ōjo asks what Haru's favorite flower was, and Haru replied saying she couldn't decide. Ōjo agreed, and went to go get the watering can. Haru, thinking, wonders why she would be here, and is surprised that they both like flowers. After, Ōjo comes back, but the bell rings. Ōjo and Haru say goodbye, and leave for their class.

At home, Haru is watching a soccer game, still thinking about Ōjo. Her sister walks in, and notices Haru is quieter than usual. Haru explains what happened, and Gakō seems surprised. She has hears about Ōjo, and understands. Gakō tells Haru it's fine, and that it's nothing too important. Haru lightens up, and continues watching the game. She asks Gakō to make some popcorn, and Gakō sighs and goes to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Ōjo, also at home, is thinking about Haru while sewing a scarf.

Major EventsEdit

  • This marks the beginning of Team Up! Pretty Cure.
  • The series's main characters are introduced, besides the main villain.
  • Haru and Ōjo become Pretty Cure for the first time.





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  • Haru Pointing Out Her Name - "Haru" means "Spring" in Japanese, so it gives a reason why they laugh and a reference to the season's motifs (Flowers) and Haru's alter ego.